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Plank Challenge

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Running programme

After my success with the Insanity programme, it made me see the benefit and need for a structured programme to improve in training.

With my running, I’ve always just run – done what I’ve felt like doing – sometimes longer and sometimes shorter runs. I try to go faster, and beat my best times. I also try to add in some hill runs in training for our annual Pyramid race.

However – each year of doing the Pyramid race I have improved my time – until last year when I recorded basically exactly the same time as the previous year – although I’d felt like I’d trained more and harder than ever before!


Now I do want to run this and other races faster. I’m not going to winning the races, but want to improve my own times for myself.  So I’ve decided to look into running programmes and try to find a structured way to improve and run faster.


I’ve been Googling ways to do this – and learning about Fartlek, interval training and Tempo runs.

Yesterday I tried my first tempo run – using my husbands fancy new GPS training watch.  I found that my pace of running was all over the place!  Now whether that is what I usually run like or was a result of checking my pace every few minutes and trying to adjust it I don’t know!  But I’ll keep on reading up and learning and post my progress and learning here too!

Then later this year – (in August) I WILL run a faster Pyramid Race than ever before!



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After Insanity!

So after completing the Insanity workout programme last year at the beginning of December, I was keen to get back into running.  I managed this for about 2 weeks – slowly getting back to a different kind of exercise, but enjoying it. Then my daughter’s swim coach went away for her summer break, so I went with my eldest daughter to swim train with her and keep her company for 3 weeks in the local pool.  Swimming is only something I’ve worked at in the last year, and over the course of 2012 I went from struggling to be able to swim 50m freestyle, to being able to do most of my daughter’s 3.3km swim training programme with freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke drills all mixed up in there.


I was proud of how far I’ve come with swimming and by the end of the year enjoyed it much more than at the beginning. I’d like to keep up with the swimming and plan to go at least once a week to train. However I don’t find that it’s as good a workout as running or insanity or a weights workout.  It fatigues me more than makes my muscles ache.  

I’m sure it must all help with my fitness – and surely swimming is something that should help improve my breathing!  My daughter got a swim training snorkel for Christmas and that is supposed to improve lung capacity – so perhaps that’s something to try as some stage.  When I run I get out of breath before my legs get tired, so my breathing is something I want to work on!


Anyway – once my daughter’s swim coach returned I have been back into running. It’s now the summer and Wet season here in Cairns, and running in the humidity is very draining and times are slower than my best! Still, it’s good to be back running!



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Insanity finally completed

Well after trying to do my insanity workout programme earlier last year  – you can see my posts for the first few days – I had to stop as I found I couldn’t do the workouts plus the running training I needed to do for our annual Pyramid Race.


So later in 2012 – I finally committed to the 9 weeks needed to complete the entire programme. I basically did it through the girls’ final term at school so most of the workouts I could do with the house to myself which was good – as by the end of most of the DVDs I was in a sweaty heap on the floor – TOTALLY spent!

It’s the first time I’ve done a real training ‘programme’ and I was really surprised, happy and so interested to see how it was structured and how it built up upon itself each day.  Every time I thought I’d reached my real limit and that I wouldn’t be able to complete the next day’s workout, the next workout turned out to be just what I needed – using different muscles in a different way so that it was a recovery!

I was really pleased with the results I achieved over the course of the 9 week programme.  My muscles ached every single day of those 9 weeks, but I gradually felt stronger, fitter, more toned and slimmer! I lost around 4kg and dropped a dress size, fitting into lots of things that I hadn’t been able to for a LONG time!  

The results of the fortnightly fit test are here: I’ve included the first set that I did back in June – plus the results from each 2 weeks of the programme:


1. Switch Jacks         115     120     122     124    134     125

2. Power Jacks           44       50        53      58      58        62

3. Power Knees          78       95      111    112    118      120

4. Power Jumps          25       32         45      47      55        60

5. Globe Jumps            7         9          10      11      11       11

6. Suicide Jumps        20       17           19      21      20       21

7. Push up Jacks        25       19           22       30     31       36

8. Low Plank Oblique   46      70          80        85     90      100


The first month of the programme was really tough and I couldn’t see how it could get any harder in the second month. At the start I couldn’t complete any of the workouts – had to stop lots and by the end of those 4 weeks was REALLY ready for a break, but I could do all the workouts all the way through!!  

The recovery week was great – still hard work, but my muscles did recover well and by the end of a week of that I was ready to start all over again.

Month 2 was just that – like starting all over again. The intensity of the workouts stepped up and I was back to not being able to do the whole workouts again.  However, over the second month it gradually got easier until the final week when I did each of the workouts and completed them all!


Oh my goodness, did I feel good a the end of those 9 weeks – fit, healthy and best of all enjoying exercising every day, so that although I needed a break from the intensity – I still felt like working out every day!

I would definitely do the insanity programme all over again. I think starting from scratch, I’m that much fitter now that I could maybe do the programme alongside some running too!! 



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Insanity – day 9 , pure cardio

Today was my second time doing the pure cardio workout. Tough once again, but I did manage to do more than the first time.

I did it this morning so as to maximise my recovery time before going up the Pyramid tomorrow.


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Insanity day 6 – Plyometrics Cardio again

This morning I actually decided not to do my Insanity workout as I felt too tired and a bit run down.  Tomorrow is a ‘rest’ day, so I thought I’d just rest today instead!

HOWEVER, after lunch I started to feel better and more and more motivated, so I did it!

It was the same video as day 2 – the Plyometrics Cardio.  I was really pleased to find that I could keep going for more of it than I could a week ago!  Still couldn’t do it all but felt good!

Afterwards I went with the girls to the pool and swam 1km.  They were teaching me tumble turns which was really funny. I’m not very good at them, and go pretty wonky – but at least I can sort of do them and keep swimming without getting water up my nose now!

Feeling good after week 1 of Insanity. Rest day tomorrow (although I’ll swim and run with the girls) then back into it on Thursday!



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Insanity Day 5 – Pure Cardio

This was a tough one today – the usual warm up (exhausting) and stretches, then into about 20mins of non-stop cardio – jumps, squat jumps, side to side jumps, push-up jumps….just lots of jumps – non-stop. Of course I couldn’t keep going through it all – had to rest lots!

I’m glad I did it first thing this morning, after school drop off, I needed the rest of today to recover!!



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Insanity day 4 – cardio recovery

I wasn’t expecting much of a rest for today’s DVD, but it was at least a break from the intense cardio of the past 3 days!

Today’s workout was 35 minutes of stretches, s…l…o…w  squats and planks!  I started out thinking that at least I’d be able to complete the whole of this workout, but halfway through the squats realised this wasn’t the case!

I loved Shaun T’s comment in one of the stretches, where you bring one of your knees up to your chest and he said, ” Just bring your knee up as far as you can go – mine only goes this far because I’ve got big quads!” 

Today was a different kind of hard!  But it was just what my aching muscles needed – a REALLY good stretch, and I have to admit they feel a lot more comfortable now than they did last night and early this morning!

This afternoon I’ll go and do the aquathon training with my eldest daughter – so a nice gentle jog, around 3km, then a 30min swim, followed by another 2km jog back! Looking forward to it!



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Insanity day 3 – Cardio Power and Resistance plus Pyramid

This morning I went half way up the Pyramid with Nicole – Felt good going up – 31min 24 secs to half-way, then just walked down – not wanting to risk my ankle yet, although it did feel fine.

So then after coming home I did the next Insanity workout – another 40mins – Cardio Power and Resistance today. I don’t suppose it helped that my muscles still ached from yesterday, and that I’d just been half-way up the Pyramid.

It was very similar to yesterday’s workout (Plyometric Cardio) with the warm up itself feeling very tough by the end.

The girls watched my workout today (never knew someone doing an exercise DVD was a spectator sport!). They joined in some of the exercises – and gave me lots of encouragement – particularly when I was slowing down, then having to stop through some of the circuits! There were lots of ‘different’ push ups  in this workout – travelling ones, v-ones and squat ones, using different muscles in the shoulders and triceps too! Ouch!

It was tough, and again I couldn’t keep going through the whole thing, but it definitely felt good and I’m looking forward to more, and to being able to keep going through a whole video!

Roll on tomorrow!

Oh and I must get some ‘before’ pictures taken this weekend too!



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Insanity week1, day 2: Plyometric Cardio Workout

I just did my first Insanity full workout. Ok so I tried. It’s a while since I found a workout that I had to keep stopping through. It was tough!!  It reminded me of climbing the Pyramid in the unrelenting cardio, jumps, squats, running, lift those knees – you can do it….

Phew!  I’m looking forward to being able to keep going through that whole 40mins! Wonder how long that will take!

Roll on tomorrow’s workout!


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