Running programme

After my success with the Insanity programme, it made me see the benefit and need for a structured programme to improve in training.

With my running, I’ve always just run – done what I’ve felt like doing – sometimes longer and sometimes shorter runs. I try to go faster, and beat my best times. I also try to add in some hill runs in training for our annual Pyramid race.

However – each year of doing the Pyramid race I have improved my time – until last year when I recorded basically exactly the same time as the previous year – although I’d felt like I’d trained more and harder than ever before!


Now I do want to run this and other races faster. I’m not going to winning the races, but want to improve my own times for myself.  So I’ve decided to look into running programmes and try to find a structured way to improve and run faster.


I’ve been Googling ways to do this – and learning about Fartlek, interval training and Tempo runs.

Yesterday I tried my first tempo run – using my husbands fancy new GPS training watch.  I found that my pace of running was all over the place!  Now whether that is what I usually run like or was a result of checking my pace every few minutes and trying to adjust it I don’t know!  But I’ll keep on reading up and learning and post my progress and learning here too!

Then later this year – (in August) I WILL run a faster Pyramid Race than ever before!




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I'm currently Creating my way to Success - finding ways to utilise my creativity to achieve what I want in life!
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