Insanity finally completed

Well after trying to do my insanity workout programme earlier last year  – you can see my posts for the first few days – I had to stop as I found I couldn’t do the workouts plus the running training I needed to do for our annual Pyramid Race.


So later in 2012 – I finally committed to the 9 weeks needed to complete the entire programme. I basically did it through the girls’ final term at school so most of the workouts I could do with the house to myself which was good – as by the end of most of the DVDs I was in a sweaty heap on the floor – TOTALLY spent!

It’s the first time I’ve done a real training ‘programme’ and I was really surprised, happy and so interested to see how it was structured and how it built up upon itself each day.  Every time I thought I’d reached my real limit and that I wouldn’t be able to complete the next day’s workout, the next workout turned out to be just what I needed – using different muscles in a different way so that it was a recovery!

I was really pleased with the results I achieved over the course of the 9 week programme.  My muscles ached every single day of those 9 weeks, but I gradually felt stronger, fitter, more toned and slimmer! I lost around 4kg and dropped a dress size, fitting into lots of things that I hadn’t been able to for a LONG time!  

The results of the fortnightly fit test are here: I’ve included the first set that I did back in June – plus the results from each 2 weeks of the programme:


1. Switch Jacks         115     120     122     124    134     125

2. Power Jacks           44       50        53      58      58        62

3. Power Knees          78       95      111    112    118      120

4. Power Jumps          25       32         45      47      55        60

5. Globe Jumps            7         9          10      11      11       11

6. Suicide Jumps        20       17           19      21      20       21

7. Push up Jacks        25       19           22       30     31       36

8. Low Plank Oblique   46      70          80        85     90      100


The first month of the programme was really tough and I couldn’t see how it could get any harder in the second month. At the start I couldn’t complete any of the workouts – had to stop lots and by the end of those 4 weeks was REALLY ready for a break, but I could do all the workouts all the way through!!  

The recovery week was great – still hard work, but my muscles did recover well and by the end of a week of that I was ready to start all over again.

Month 2 was just that – like starting all over again. The intensity of the workouts stepped up and I was back to not being able to do the whole workouts again.  However, over the second month it gradually got easier until the final week when I did each of the workouts and completed them all!


Oh my goodness, did I feel good a the end of those 9 weeks – fit, healthy and best of all enjoying exercising every day, so that although I needed a break from the intensity – I still felt like working out every day!

I would definitely do the insanity programme all over again. I think starting from scratch, I’m that much fitter now that I could maybe do the programme alongside some running too!! 




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