Free Running Training Programmes

I used to go jogging as a kid sometimes, but never any real training. That has continued through my life – just jogging and running to keep fit. However, these past years I’ve been running more and more consistently, and participating in an annual race up and down a local mountain (The Pyramid Race).  I’m now at the stage that I want to improve on my times and need a training plan to do so.

In searching the internet, I found several sites that offer free running training programmes. Here’s a selection:

My ASICS – this one allows you to input which distance you’re training for and your current best time, and it produces a programme for you. There is also an app you can add to your phone with this on to track your runs!

Cool Running – this site has set training plans already worked out for all different distances from 5km to Marathons

Runner’s World – this site also has fixed training plans for each distance, with specific plans for breaking certain time barriers for each distance.



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