After Insanity!

So after completing the Insanity workout programme last year at the beginning of December, I was keen to get back into running.  I managed this for about 2 weeks – slowly getting back to a different kind of exercise, but enjoying it. Then my daughter’s swim coach went away for her summer break, so I went with my eldest daughter to swim train with her and keep her company for 3 weeks in the local pool.  Swimming is only something I’ve worked at in the last year, and over the course of 2012 I went from struggling to be able to swim 50m freestyle, to being able to do most of my daughter’s 3.3km swim training programme with freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke drills all mixed up in there.


I was proud of how far I’ve come with swimming and by the end of the year enjoyed it much more than at the beginning. I’d like to keep up with the swimming and plan to go at least once a week to train. However I don’t find that it’s as good a workout as running or insanity or a weights workout.  It fatigues me more than makes my muscles ache.  

I’m sure it must all help with my fitness – and surely swimming is something that should help improve my breathing!  My daughter got a swim training snorkel for Christmas and that is supposed to improve lung capacity – so perhaps that’s something to try as some stage.  When I run I get out of breath before my legs get tired, so my breathing is something I want to work on!


Anyway – once my daughter’s swim coach returned I have been back into running. It’s now the summer and Wet season here in Cairns, and running in the humidity is very draining and times are slower than my best! Still, it’s good to be back running!




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