Insanity day 6 – Plyometrics Cardio again

This morning I actually decided not to do my Insanity workout as I felt too tired and a bit run down.  Tomorrow is a ‘rest’ day, so I thought I’d just rest today instead!

HOWEVER, after lunch I started to feel better and more and more motivated, so I did it!

It was the same video as day 2 – the Plyometrics Cardio.  I was really pleased to find that I could keep going for more of it than I could a week ago!  Still couldn’t do it all but felt good!

Afterwards I went with the girls to the pool and swam 1km.  They were teaching me tumble turns which was really funny. I’m not very good at them, and go pretty wonky – but at least I can sort of do them and keep swimming without getting water up my nose now!

Feeling good after week 1 of Insanity. Rest day tomorrow (although I’ll swim and run with the girls) then back into it on Thursday!




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