Insanity day 4 – cardio recovery

I wasn’t expecting much of a rest for today’s DVD, but it was at least a break from the intense cardio of the past 3 days!

Today’s workout was 35 minutes of stretches, s…l…o…w  squats and planks!  I started out thinking that at least I’d be able to complete the whole of this workout, but halfway through the squats realised this wasn’t the case!

I loved Shaun T’s comment in one of the stretches, where you bring one of your knees up to your chest and he said, ” Just bring your knee up as far as you can go – mine only goes this far because I’ve got big quads!” 

Today was a different kind of hard!  But it was just what my aching muscles needed – a REALLY good stretch, and I have to admit they feel a lot more comfortable now than they did last night and early this morning!

This afternoon I’ll go and do the aquathon training with my eldest daughter – so a nice gentle jog, around 3km, then a 30min swim, followed by another 2km jog back! Looking forward to it!



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Insanity day 3 – Cardio Power and Resistance plus Pyramid

This morning I went half way up the Pyramid with Nicole – Felt good going up – 31min 24 secs to half-way, then just walked down – not wanting to risk my ankle yet, although it did feel fine.

So then after coming home I did the next Insanity workout – another 40mins – Cardio Power and Resistance today. I don’t suppose it helped that my muscles still ached from yesterday, and that I’d just been half-way up the Pyramid.

It was very similar to yesterday’s workout (Plyometric Cardio) with the warm up itself feeling very tough by the end.

The girls watched my workout today (never knew someone doing an exercise DVD was a spectator sport!). They joined in some of the exercises – and gave me lots of encouragement – particularly when I was slowing down, then having to stop through some of the circuits! There were lots of ‘different’ push ups  in this workout – travelling ones, v-ones and squat ones, using different muscles in the shoulders and triceps too! Ouch!

It was tough, and again I couldn’t keep going through the whole thing, but it definitely felt good and I’m looking forward to more, and to being able to keep going through a whole video!

Roll on tomorrow!

Oh and I must get some ‘before’ pictures taken this weekend too!



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Insanity week1, day 2: Plyometric Cardio Workout

I just did my first Insanity full workout. Ok so I tried. It’s a while since I found a workout that I had to keep stopping through. It was tough!!  It reminded me of climbing the Pyramid in the unrelenting cardio, jumps, squats, running, lift those knees – you can do it….

Phew!  I’m looking forward to being able to keep going through that whole 40mins! Wonder how long that will take!

Roll on tomorrow’s workout!


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INSANITY fitness test

Today I started my Insanity workout! Finally!!!

I just did the initial fitness test, which took around 30 mins, including warm up and cool down!

The exercises are tough to keep going for 1 minute each, but now I have my numbers to build upon.

The idea is you repeat the fitness test every 2 weeks to gauge your progress.

So here’s my results from my first fitness test:


1. Switch Jacks         115

2. Power Jacks           44

3. Power Knees          78

4. Power Jumps          25

5. Globe Jumps            7

6. Suicide Jumps        20

7. Push up Jacks        25

8. Low Plank Oblique   46


Whether or not I do the complete Insanity programme now will depend on if I can do it alongside my running and training for the Pyramid Race. 

We’ll see how I go! I’m just happy to have finally been able to start it!



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It’s been a while!

Well last time I posted I was all fit and healthy and raring to go on our first practice run for the Pyramid Race in August.  All was going well until on my way down the mountain I twisted my ankle!

I managed the 3km walk back to town where the car was parked, but was in a lot of pain that evening, and it set my running back about 3 weeks!

In that time I did manage to go swimming 3 or 4 times a week – so my swimming did improve to the stage that I swam 1.7km freestyle one day! Considering 50m freestyle back in January was a struggle, I’m pretty happy with that!

I also did some cycles on the exercise bike and lots of stretching and walking.

I managed to get back to running just over a week ago, getting back to my times from before the ankle twist.

On Sunday (11th June), Euan and I did the Kuranda Train race.  It was a tough 18km slog – lots of uphills and downhills, and I did find it hard after not running much over the past few weeks.  I did finish it in a time of 2hrs 35 mins so not too bad.

Best thing is that it seems to have totally fixed my ankle, which doesn’t even twinge at all now! Must have given it a good stretch that day!

I was pretty run down for a couple of days following that – it took a lot out of my body, but I’m feeling good once again and raring to get back into training!


The Pyramid race is only 8 weeks away – so I’d best get up those hills – and now that my ankle seems 100% again, I can make a start on my insanity workout!!



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This past week I’ve had some great workouts.

I went for a run on Tuesday, my 5km circuit from home, and beat my best time by over a minute! My new best is now 23min 34 secs!!  Very happy with that!

That afternoon I went swimming with the girls and had a really good 1hr workout!

The next day I went swimming again with the girls, then did our family 3km run on the esplanade – a nice easy jog!


On Thursday, I went to do the red arrow track again.  I was determined to run all the way to the top this time – no walking. This I did, continued jogging back down the other side – and up again almost to the top the second time without walking!  My third circuit I ran further than ever up too!  I don’t think it will take me long to reach my goal of being able to run that circuit 3 times without any walking parts!!

On Saturday I went half-way up the pyramid with Nicole.  Nice easy pace, I felt really comfortable, and made it half-way in 38 mins. I know I can go a fair bit faster, so I’m pretty pleased with that!

Sunday was an aquathon training day with the girls. Slow jogs and just 500m freestyle swim in the middle. A nice easy workout.

Then yesterday (Monday) I did a hard Spartacus workout – and today my muscles ache!

What a great week!


Now I plan on having a couple of days rest from hard workouts – tomorrow I’ll swim and run with the girls.  Then on Thursday do a first practice run of the pyramid race!  I’m excited to see what my time is now, as I am feeling fit and strong!



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Back into running

After last weeks sluggish 5km after 2 weeks off running, I redeemed myself today with a 23min 34 sec 5km run. Over a minute faster than my best ever time! I felt good and strong and it’s great to be back to running.

I did go on Saturday up and round the red arrow 3 times.  Tough up all those stairs, but I was pleased that my muscles didn’t ache the next day! They must be starting to get used to it!

Then on Sunday, the girls were tired after a birthday party in the park in the morning,so I got to go and do our aquathon training alone – so at my pace.

Great run there, pushed by my friend Nicole, then I swam all freestyle – 1400m, that’s definitely getting easier! Then a good 2km run back to the car.  Great workout!

This week I’m planning on running more – red arrowing, spartacus and also swimming with the girls.  I’m determined to get into the routine of something ever day – as I know I’ll have to do that come my birthday! – plus running!!  



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