It’s been a while!

Well last time I posted I was all fit and healthy and raring to go on our first practice run for the Pyramid Race in August.  All was going well until on my way down the mountain I twisted my ankle!

I managed the 3km walk back to town where the car was parked, but was in a lot of pain that evening, and it set my running back about 3 weeks!

In that time I did manage to go swimming 3 or 4 times a week – so my swimming did improve to the stage that I swam 1.7km freestyle one day! Considering 50m freestyle back in January was a struggle, I’m pretty happy with that!

I also did some cycles on the exercise bike and lots of stretching and walking.

I managed to get back to running just over a week ago, getting back to my times from before the ankle twist.

On Sunday (11th June), Euan and I did the Kuranda Train race.  It was a tough 18km slog – lots of uphills and downhills, and I did find it hard after not running much over the past few weeks.  I did finish it in a time of 2hrs 35 mins so not too bad.

Best thing is that it seems to have totally fixed my ankle, which doesn’t even twinge at all now! Must have given it a good stretch that day!

I was pretty run down for a couple of days following that – it took a lot out of my body, but I’m feeling good once again and raring to get back into training!


The Pyramid race is only 8 weeks away – so I’d best get up those hills – and now that my ankle seems 100% again, I can make a start on my insanity workout!!




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