This past week I’ve had some great workouts.

I went for a run on Tuesday, my 5km circuit from home, and beat my best time by over a minute! My new best is now 23min 34 secs!!  Very happy with that!

That afternoon I went swimming with the girls and had a really good 1hr workout!

The next day I went swimming again with the girls, then did our family 3km run on the esplanade – a nice easy jog!


On Thursday, I went to do the red arrow track again.  I was determined to run all the way to the top this time – no walking. This I did, continued jogging back down the other side – and up again almost to the top the second time without walking!  My third circuit I ran further than ever up too!  I don’t think it will take me long to reach my goal of being able to run that circuit 3 times without any walking parts!!

On Saturday I went half-way up the pyramid with Nicole.  Nice easy pace, I felt really comfortable, and made it half-way in 38 mins. I know I can go a fair bit faster, so I’m pretty pleased with that!

Sunday was an aquathon training day with the girls. Slow jogs and just 500m freestyle swim in the middle. A nice easy workout.

Then yesterday (Monday) I did a hard Spartacus workout – and today my muscles ache!

What a great week!


Now I plan on having a couple of days rest from hard workouts – tomorrow I’ll swim and run with the girls.  Then on Thursday do a first practice run of the pyramid race!  I’m excited to see what my time is now, as I am feeling fit and strong!




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