Another good week

Last week was still school holidays, so I managed to get some exercise in with the girls at the pool.  We all went together and did some timed 50m races.  I was really pleased to find I could swim 50m freestyle in 48 seconds and 50m breaststroke in 56seconds!  I was also shocked at how hard backstroke was and was EXHAUSTED after the 50m!!  It was interesting to feel which different muscles I used for swimming as compared to running or spartacus!   Not knowing the names of the muscles, with backstroke,it was the central front part of my thigh that ached! Clearly I mustn’t use those ones too often!  

Anyway, I got swimming twice in the week with the girls – had a go with their kickboards and pull buoys to do several laps.  We also did wipeout twice (big bouncy inflatable obstacle course on the water!)  I found that I really worked my ‘leapfrog’ muscles!! Don’t think you use those much as an adult!! They really ached the next day – but a nice feeling that I’d worked out!

Saturday morning I got out for another run – just 5km, and didn’t feel great but still managed it in 24m 44 which I was pleased with!


On Sunday I did a good hard spartacus workout in the morning, then aquathon training with the family in the afternoon.  It CHUCKED it down with rain by the time we got to the pool – so we were soaked running back, but all enjoyed it and had a good workout!

Great week! Kids are back at school now – so maybe I’ll get some workouts done during the day!  Perhaps…




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