From 8 to 38

Yesterday watching my eldest daughter swim, I was amazed (as I am constantly) and seeing her progress and improvement so clearly almost every single lesson.  She listens to every word the instructor tells her, changing small angles of her arms or body which improve her stroke little by little.  From the side I can see the difference and improvement as she implements each small change!

Yesterday she finished the lesson by joining in with the ‘big’ squad for their timed sprints. Her times were quite a bit faster than her PBs – set in recent swim carnivals.  She was thrilled with the improvement – (she doesn’t see the daily improvement that I see from the sidelines), but a time is a tangible improvement for her – and a great confidence boost.

This all inspired me, and gave me confidence and hope that all the hard work I’m putting in with my running and training will hopefully be paying off too.  I’m not sure that my progress as a 38 year old, is as quick and noticeable as that of my 8 year old, but I’m sure I must have improved!  I certainly feel fitter.

So, speaking of tangible time improvements, Euan and I are heading off up the Pyramid on Friday for the first time this year. We’re going to trial the whole race just to see where we’re at timewise now.  

I’d like to think I’ll go faster than my time for last year. I certainly feel stronger and fitter, but first time up that mountain is always a bit of a shock to the muscles. Nothing can quite prepare them for the relentless uphill other than the Pyramid itself.


With the exception of a gentle run with our daughters today – 3km on the esplanade, it’s resting until Friday, then all out to show what we’re made of this year!




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