Uphill training

Yesterday I went to the Red Arrow track with a friend to do some uphill running. I haven’t really done any uphill training this year – and since the big Pyramid Race is only 4 months away, I thought I should make a start.

The red arrow track is 1.2km up then down a hill in a loop.  It’s virtually all steps all the way up, so a killer on the legs.  I did the loop 3 times in 30.25 mins. The first time I made it half-way up the second last staircase running, then had to walk the rest of the way up; and the second two times I made it about half way up running before having to walk the rest.

Today my leg and bum muscles ache nicely – and my shoulders too ( I really pump my arms when I run uphill, and lift them up to use for balance coming down steps too!).  Feels good to have had a good workout – but now I need to do more uphill training to improve.  My next goal for the Red Arrow is to be able to run it 3 times in succession, running all the way up, all three times!!




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