Aquathon training

Sunday is Aquathon training day.  We go as a family, and take turns running and swimming with each of our daughters.  This week I was running with our younger daughter.  She did amazingly well, keeping up her slow and steady pace.  The initial run is about 3km, then we swim for 30 minutes, then the run back is 2km.  Today the girls just played in the pool – and I swam 1km – 500m freestyle and 500m breaststroke.  This is HUGE for me as just a few weeks ago I could barely swim 25 m freestyle without being completely out of breath. Breaststroke I could keep on going for ages, but freestyle is another story. Anyway, I’ve gradually built it up and am happy with what I can swim now!  My aim is to get to the full 1km freestyle, but I think it will take a while yet!

After yesterday’s hill training my calves are quite sore, and were cramping up towards the end of the swim. The 2km run back was tough – even at a 6yr old’s pace.  When she decided to sprint at the end, I just couldn’t keep up!! Kids stamina and quick recovery time always amazes me!

A great family workout today – all of us benefitted and we’ll certainly all sleep well tonight!  Perhaps I’ll need a rest day tomorrow though!


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